6 Frugal Living Tips: How to Live when Money is Tight

6 Frugal Living Tips: How to Live when Money is Tight

6 frugal living tips

We’ve all been there.

Something breaks or there is an unexpected bill to be paid. You have the money for it, but you’re not sure if you can make it by until the next payday.

Of course, there are always same day payday loans¬†from ElcLoans who offer¬†best online payday loans with instant approval, or you could use a credit card. You could pay a different bill late. Then there’s the other choice of just putting off fixing what broke or delaying what needs to be paid. These are all possibilities, but they aren’t your last resort.

Here are some simple ideas that could make it possible for you to afford what needs to be paid and survive until your next check:

1. Do not eat out!

This may be hard if you are used to eating out often, but refraining from eating out will save you a decent amount of money. You would be surprised just how much money your family may spend on going out to eat without even thinking.

Write down how much you typically spend a day going out for food and add that up for the week. You will then have a good estimate on how much this tip could save you.

2. Plan out your meals

Make a list of frugal meal ideas and the ingredients needed in order to prepare it. This way you will only buy the things you need, rather than buying things that “look good.” When planning your meals, try to pick recipes where you will not need to buy as many items. In addition to saving some cash, this tip also enables your family to eat healthier.

3. Search for coupons and deals online and while you are shopping in the store

There are usually many deals going on in supermarkets. There are also many websites where you can search for available coupons that you can print out and take the store.

4. Try to refrain from driving your car more than you need to

Gas is extremely expensive, and the less you drive, the less gasoline you need to buy. Instead of driving to the gym, ride your bike or take a walk. Use the minimum grade needed to run your vehicle efficiently.

Try not to idle as much and keep your speed levels on the highway at 55 mph. This will give you maximum mileage per gallon. Be sure to keep your engine oil and tire pressure at proper levels to ensure the best gas mileage.

One other tip I recently found was during the summer if you are driving on the highway, rolling your windows up and putting the air conditioning on will give you better gas mileage than rolling the windows down because of aerodynamics.

If you are driving in the city, keep your windows down and refrain from using the air conditioner.

5. Use products that might need to be replaced sparingly

This goes for toiletries, paper towels, trash bags, dish soap, paper plates, aluminum foil, freezer bags, etc. Doing so will obviously save you from having to spend more money than you need to.

6. If you rent movies a lot as a source of entertainment, try books

While you are at your local library, check around and see if they have a DVD/VHS section.

Most of the time they do have them, and this way you do not have to pay to rent them. Board games are fun if you have kids. You could also try getting out of the house and going on a walk or bike ride with the family.

This will save you some cash on entertainment expenses and help your family bond.

Bottom line

If you can follow these tips, there is a great possibility that not only will you be able to make it through to your next payday, but you might have some money left over.

Even if you aren’t strapped for cash, these are good tips for saving money at any time.


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